A Guide to School-Based OT Resources

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A Guide to Occupational Therapy Resources

Occupational Therapists

Become An Evidence-Based School OT!
  • Quickly locate professional documents
  • Understand laws impacting service delivery 
  • Build skill in locating evidence for students

Communicating at School!

Build Positive School Relationships!

  • Communicate effectively with administration
  • Collaborate with teachers effectively
  • Parent's as dynamic participants

Evidence in Action!

Successful Students!
  • Strategies for putting it all together
  • Creating guidelines to support your practice
  • Support from the School OT community1

Mission Statement

A Guide to School-Based Occupational Therapy Resources was developed to motivate practitioners to achieve their highest potential. Driven by evidence-based practice, this website will provide therapists with knowledge and access to documents and laws that guide the profession. It will identify effective communication strategies to use with parents, teachers and administrators that will increase the respect of occupational therapy one school at a time. Inspired by this knowledge, occupational therapists will have the opportunity to participate in a web-based community focused on providing the best possible services to the students.2

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